About Us

South Valley Goods was founded to enhance retail inventory and to promote harmonious international exchange. We strive to represent our clients’ interests with the utmost integrity and precision throughout the entire order process. Our expertise is centered on the delivery of high-quality products at the best value to enhance merchandising. We will guide you through every stage of the order, production, and delivery process while attending to any questions and concerns you might have. South Valley Goods greatly respects the value that retail businesses bring to the marketplace. We cherish each professional relationship and take pride in contributing to your business success.


Dedicated Consultation

We are committed to dedicated consultation to provide merchandise. From initial production to delivery, we offer free personalized consultation to deliver exceptional service and products at the best value. If you have any questions about your item please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Supply Value Process

Our Team

julian macias

managing director

leonor bosquillos

executive administrator

Wen zhang

software engineer

joe boyd

director of communications

Muoi Vo

Managing Partner

fiona c

quality assurance speicalist